The Small Company Trick for Big Company Benefits

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So your VAR or MSP business doesn't have the resources to offer gourmet cafeteria food, free Coke and Mountain Dew or other Google/Facebook-style employee benefits? Here's a look at why employee benefits matter and how you can provide them even if your company bank account is tight.


"We had one year when we tried to do everything on our own and that just sucked. Just from the very beginning, shopping for insurance was just a miserable, miserable experience, only topped by getting the insurance and having to deal with the insurance company as a very small company. It was eye-opening. Nobody has any complaints about health insurance now, because we’re part of a large company now. Dealing with the 401K on our own, disability insurance, some life insurance components—it was not helping us grow," said Ziliak. "I could not do it nearly as well as a PEO organization could do. The employees are thrilled."

In addition, xkzero workers have access to discounted movie tickets and other perks typically associated with much larger organizations.

"We couldn’t offer those benefits on our own," Ziliak said.

While smaller solution providers may never have the financial wherewithal to compete with the fantastical benefits provided by Facebook, Google, and others, with careful planning and nurturing channel organizations can create a culture of empowerment, professional development, and caring that allows employees to flourish and grow—benefiting employer and employee for years to come.