Why iPad 2 Is the Perfect Holiday Gift

  • By

    Don Reisinger

1.It's the iPad, Isn't It?

1.It's the iPad, Isn't It?

Sorry to be overly simplistic here, but why shouldn't you buy a special someone the iPad this holiday season? After all, it's the iPad; the device that consumers around the globe are jumping at the chance to buy. The iPad isn't like any other tablet.
As the holidays fast approach, you might be thinking about some of the tech goodies to give to that someone special. But let's face it. Unless your loved one already owns one, an iPad 2 would make the perfect gift. Here's why you should turn forget about iPhone and iPod, ignore the Android-based tablets on store shelves, and forget about buying your loved one a television. From its simple design to its extensible functionality (think Angry Birds to email), the iPad 2 is the perfect holiday gift for that special someone this year. So, without further adieu, flip through the following slides to find out why Apple's latest tablet is the device you should be buying for a loved one this holiday season. When they open the gift, you can be assured that they'll be happy they got it.
This article was originally published on 2011-11-25
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