Apple iPad 3: 10 Features it Needs

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    Don Reisinger



If there is anything that Apple should have brought to the iPad 2, it's 4G connectivity. The ultra-high-speed connection could have done wonders for the device's value proposition and helped it compete more effectively against devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Here's hoping it comes to the iPad 3.
With talk of Apple's iPad 3 launching towards the beginning of 2012, there is rampant speculation about the technology giant's plans. Will it offer up an iterative update that does little to make the iPad a more compelling offering the marketplace like it did with iPhone 4s? Or will Apple try to set a new standard (again) in the tablet market by delivering a product that follows through on its desire to be the very best in each market it competes in? We are hoping Apple will choose the latter course. But if it does, Apple must offer a host of improvements in the iPad 3 that not only makes new iPad recruits want the device, but also makes iPad 2 owners want to upgrade immediately. Here's a look at the features the iPad 3 needs in order to set itself apart as the best tablet Apple has ever launched.
This article was originally published on 2011-12-30
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