Verdasys Reduces Compliance Headaches via Managed Service

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The trouble with compliance in general and data loss prevention (DLP) in particular is that it can cost quite a bit to put a system into place. Naturally, that leads a lot of people to consider an alternative approach in the cloud. However, a DLP approach to the cloud can introduce additional levels of compliance complexity.

Looking to find a middle ground between on-premise approaches managed by internal IT departments and cloud computing, Verdasys has launched a managed service under which the DLP platform is still deployed locally, but managed remotely by Verdasys data security experts.


According to Bill Munroe, Verdasys vice president of marketing, the company is trying to open up some middle ground when it comes to compliance. Verdasys management software is deployed in data centers managed by Rackspace, which is then able to communicate with local Verdasys Digital Guardian agent software deployed locally.

Munroe says this approach lowers the cost of acquiring DLP software at a time when cyber espionage is making more organizations sensitive to potential insider threats.

Compliance is not only hard, but not every organization has the skills and resources needed to successfully deploy and manage DLP software. Of course when that eventual data loss does happen, the actual cost of not having any DLP capabilities will be priceless.

This article was originally published on 2013-02-15
Originally published on www.itbusinessedge.com.